I provide digital and traditional forms of marketing. I know how to spread the word in ways you may not know exist. And I have media contacts.


I monitor the fundraising climate to be current on cutting edge ideas that I will share with you. I can also assist with grant research and writing.


I can show you how to capitalize on the worldwide reach of virtual events on platforms such as Zoom. Virtual will be here to stay even after the world opens up again.


I can get you in front of the right people, places and things. I know where your potential audiences and customers are. "Thinking outside the box not your thing?" No worries it is mine.


I can show you how too much inventory on hand gathering dust and trips to the bank to process payments are things of the past. There are many cost effective and secure ways to get your merch to your followers.


I can help you create the consistent "look" that is important to an organization's success. That means visually as well as your ongoing public perception. I can help you refine your current brand or help craft a new one.


Governance by a strong Board, clear fundraising expectations, good fiscal stewardship and thoughtful adherence to the mission are crucial and ethically important to success, credibility and sustainability. If you agree let's connect.