07 Oct

One of my paternal grandmother’s endearing qualities was her propensity to say things that sounded ridiculous until you realized the beautifully  simple logic in them.  Her maiden name was Muldoon so these became known in the family as Muldoonisms.

“There’s no car ahead of the first one” is an example of a Muldoonism. I am going to channel dear Grandma in this post.

In my consulting work I repeatedly hear small nonprofit people say things like “I don’t like the look of the website, but we get it done for free”.  Related statements include “I know we should update our merchandise design but so and so has been doing it for us for years for free”.   And then of course there is the dreaded “I know our flyers aren’t very appealing, but one of our donor’s nephew’s neighbor’s daughter by marriage does them for free"

Time for the Muldoonism.

All this Free Stuff is costing you plenty!!  

Costing you in terms of public perception, credibility and ultimately growth and sustainability.  A poorly designed website is a turnoff as is a newsletter filled with typos and bad grammar, poorly designed literature and unengaging swag.

Please non profit decisionmakers, make  the monetary investment to engage good people and good practices. It will pay off in the long run. You have that power and that responsibility.   You owe it to your mission, your organization, yourself and your supporters.

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