18 Oct

To Print or Not to Print? 

The newsletter is a time-honored way to keep your followers feeling  connected and up to date. What’s your organization’s newsletter situation?  Do you still do a print newsletter? How often? If not so often is it because you find the process a painful creative writing assignment? If you are doing an electronic version, an E-Blast, have you also switched over your approach?

Here are the MRM Basics of E-Blast Magic

E- Blasts are Cost Effective:  Electronic newsletters and reports involve printing and postage costs.  Electronic ones can be free to create and send. There are a number of commercial services you can engage at no charge until you reach a certain number subscribers, and even then  the charges are minimal.
E- Blasts are Easy to Design. Commercial programs have user friendly templates and great support  to help you design something people will look forward to finding in their inbox.
E-Blasts are Immediate.  Because there is no lag time waiting for a print run to be created an electronic communication can be sent out anytime. This is great when you have an exciting new program or initiative but not a lot of time to publicize.
E-Blasts are Interactive. Electronic communications embrace the power of the Internet.  You can create links to background information, partnership sites, registration details and other spots on the web, cutting down on all that creative writing you thought you had to do the explain your activities.
E-Blasts are Social. E-Blasts automatically generate a link that can be shared on your social media sites.
E-Blasts are Trackable.  Commercial programs automatically generate reports  on how you have reached your supporters.  As you know, numbers  are important when filing grant proposals.
E-Blasts are Lasting.  Add your E-Blasts to your website and you have a permanent record of all your successes to share with donors and grantors.

Make your E-Blasts Anticipated! 
 In my experience of creating them the best received ones have minimal text, lots of pictures,
infographics that make your statistical successes visual and lots of links.
  I love creating E-Blasts. If I can help you please get in touch.

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