05 Oct

Find out by taking the  MRM Brand Inventory Basics Challenge

 A brand inventory is "an evaluation of everything that has been created to promote your organization and support your mission. Your brand inventory needs to account for everything your brand touches in any way."* Please start the review of your current situation by evaluating the following. As you do so, pretend you know nothing about the organization and are seeing things for the first time. How good are they doing with each of these things?
 Do you want more interaction with this organization or do you want to  run screaming? 

  • Visual Branding basics such as consistent fonts, colors, logos, language and signatures. 
  • Website
  • Blog
  • Social Media
  • E Newsletters and Announcements
  • Direct Mail
  • Merchandise and Swag
  • Outreach

Now become yourself again and look at the above assessing  them with the following questions in mind.

  • How many people are reached by each activity?
  • What are the monetary costs involved in each activity?
  • How much personnel time is involved with each activity?
  • How can these activities be better distributed among personnel?
  • How can financial resources be better distributed? 
  • Are these activities still relevant? 

*From  How to Strengthen Your Brand by  Thomas Wachtel

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