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About  Me
I started my freelance marketing business in 2007 as a side to my "day job".
That job brought in the proverbial steady paycheck but it was not a great place for my joy.
Still, in that context, programming planning, connecting with people, getting the word out on events I curated, and the rush of it all coming together kept me going.
That made me decide to start offering creative people, small businesses and entrepreneurs low cost marketing services. Soon I was also helping with branding, event planning and fundraisers for all sorts of good causes.
Eventually, in 2016, I took the leap and set out on my own.
Over the years I have had many successful experiences and learned a lot along the way.
Also, over those years, with the growth of technology, incredibly cost effective opportunities have presented themselves in terms of marketing and promotion.
When COVID-19 hit in March 2020 we were all thrust into a strange new world. In that world it became even clearer that digital outreach and virtual events were crucial  to staying connected and relevant. That will be true into the future.
Right now, and into that future, I can help you now in the following ways:

  • Getting the word out on your organization, event, performance or project.
  • Creating or enhancing  your  social media presence.
  • Connecting you with your customers or followers through e- newsletters.
  • Creating virtual events.
  • Direct you toward funding sources and income generating ideas.
  • Guide you through opportunities for partnership and cross promotional opportunities.
  •  Transforming your organization's profile and operations with state of the art best practices.

My focus is currently on non profit 501(c) 3 organizations but all inquiries are welcome.

 I have over 25 years of experience creating, promoting and presenting innovative programming, crafting powerful marketing strategies, designing exciting events and making community connections that have enhanced the profiles of a variety of organizations.  I have also completed a few degree programs over the years.

John Carroll University, University Heights OH
Bachelor of Arts in English

Syracuse University School of Information Studies Syracuse NY
Masters in Library and Information Science

University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business, South Bend  IN 
Executive Certificate in Transformational Non Profit Leadership

University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business, South Bend  IN 
Executive Certificate in Non Profit Fundraising Strategies

University of Pennsylvania Wharton School, Philadelphia PA
Certificate in Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content

Cornell University, Ithaca  NY
Brand Management Certificate in progress

Hourly Rate is $60 for non profit organizations, small businesses and individuals.
Each situation is unique and I will discuss yours at no charge.

Please note I do not work without compensation. I value what you do. Please value what I do.

For fundraising events and performances that have a ticket price there will be an additional 10% charged based on the amount of revenue generated.

A simple contract will have to be signed.

Pretty simple right?

Keep keeping in mind that in the digital age dollars go a long way.


I provide digital and traditional forms of marketing. I know how to spread the word in ways you may not know exist. And I have media contacts.


I monitor the fundraising climate to be current on cutting edge ideas that I will share with you. I can also assist with grant research and writing.


I can show you how to capitalize on the worldwide reach of virtual events on platforms such as Zoom. Virtual will be here to stay even after the world opens up again.


I can get you in front of the right people, places and things. I know where your potential audiences and customers are. "Thinking outside the box not your thing?" No worries it is mine.


I can show you how too much inventory on hand gathering dust and trips to the bank to process payments are things of the past. There are many cost effective and secure ways to get your merch to your followers.


I can help you create the consistent "look" that is important to an organization's success. That means visually as well as your ongoing public perception. I can help you refine your current brand or help craft a new one.


Governance by a strong Board, clear fundraising expectations, good fiscal stewardship and thoughtful adherence to the mission are crucial and ethically important to success, credibility and sustainability. If you agree let's connect.

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Ben Zimmer:

"I have worked with Margaret for several years and have always been thrilled with her skill and ability to make things happen. Our most recent endeavor involved the unveiling of a beautiful mural. Margaret did a fantastic job securing publicity and organizing grassroots efforts to ensure attendance at our event. I would highly recommend her services!" Ben Zimmer Social and Emotional Learning Consultant

Ben Zimmer

"Margaret Reardon is a marvel. I’ve been awed by her creativity, knowledge and skill whenever I’ve worked with her. Over the past year she orchestrated and promoted several hugely successful author events for me, which saw book sales soar. She has a rare passion for what she does and an exceptional ability to get results. I strongly recommend her.” -Ruth Hanford Morhard, Author, Mrs. Morhard and the Boys.